Ableton + Launchpad

As much as I wish I was referring to McQuack

but I’m not, I’m referring to the MIDI controller 17-year-old remix wunderkind Madeon usually uses paired up with Ableton Live. Here’s an example of one of his crazy sample palettes:

Some people, and by “people” I mean grumpy old man DJs, gripe about how the magic is gone because of how easy this is compared to the old vinyl/tape eras, but, seriously, get over it. No technological revolution has ever not been hated by the generation who spent years learning the previous one. In conclusion, here’s a fun track and a glorious video.


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  • LOVE these! Also it is funny to see someone post about McQuack as on numerous occasions during our Cape Cod vacation we talked about diving into the money pit from DuckTales. We figured it would be fun but might unsanitary.

  • Sarah, I seriously reference the money pit at least once a month in regular conversation. It just comes up!

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