Above It All

My collaboration with Norwegian choreographer Cesilie Kverneland. Just try not to think of gorgeous snowy landscapes while experiencing this dance. It begins with falling air, then develops into a distant, undulating organ. Thin, beautiful bowed marimba (thanks Dan Ogrodnik!) takes us through some thoughtful swells, then the piece becomes more rhythmic as the electronics start to take off. Manipulations of preceding sounds abound, a synth wakes you from your reverie, only to settle down once more, fooling the listener into complacency. The synth hits again, even louder this time, but the payoff comes in the form of beats and wobbles in a just-not-quite-right 8 1/2 over four. The poem which helped inform the choreography is read in its native Norwegian, and then the ambience returns, larger and even slower than before. The final bass hit is so thick and so deep, you can see it vibrate the camera lens at 10:05.

The movement is incredible, reminiscent of the Butoh tradition, including the full white body paint. I’m very proud of this piece and look forward to more collaborations with Cesilie!

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