Aesop Rock – Skelethon

In preparation for starting my last year of grad school in a couple weeks, I am moving down the road to a nicer, cheaper place and thus will be a little MIA the next few days. And then I will be climbing Half Dome up in Yosemite, at which point I will be extremely MIA. Woohoo!

So, here is the new fantastic video from Aesop Rock’s latest drop Skelethon, for the track Cycles To Gehenna.

Your interest piqued, you will then listen to the below video, in which Rhymesayers Entertainment has made the entire album available on Youtube. It can be purchased at Fifth Element. This album is more flow-y than None Shall Pass, which had a bit more hookishness in its production. These are the words I will use and there’s nothing you can do about it. Enjoy.

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