Baseck – Stirred Up

New mix available for free download from LA local DJ and producer Baseck. This mix features on of my favorite DJ handles of all time: Duran Duran Duran.

Direct download:

From the site:

“Stirred Up – Mixed by Baseck”

run time: 33mins 12 secs


baseck – intro
current value – heavy weight
all leather – well fed fuck
le jad – beat 133.333 pour bank
duran duran duran – furious george
monster x – get up to kill
otto von schirach – night terror
the teknoist & scheme boy – versus unleashed (gancher remix)
the outside agency – industrial cooking spray (feat. tapage)
receptor & engage – wi-fi waves
i:gor – los control
cooh – down boy (feat. dean rodell)
halves – autumn
broken note – meltdown
xanopticon – tempcw_5
wmx – possibilities (acid rework)

notes: this mix was originally made for rob booth’s electronic explorations show last year but it never seen the light of day. now hear it here first… BASECK EXCLUSIVE!

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