Bastion, The Hospital, Recursive Validation

A few personal updates today. Mainly because my brother is sadistic and suggested I play the game Bastion. I clearly had things to do. Like a real post for example.

The game is incredibly engaging, due in large part to its score, composed by videogame greenhorn Darren Korb. Here is the OST on Bandcamp released by Supergiant Games due to understandably high demand by Bastion’s fanbase.

The music is described by the composer as “frontier trip hop”. The fusion vibe sits well with the Firefly-esque fantasy cowboy genre, and it’s just really good to boot.

In honor of my being accepted by Lauri’s List, a fairly exclusive vocal hiring network, I’m going to finally post a clip from one of the operas I was in this year. The House Is Open was written by recently graduated CalArts composer Alex Vassos. It was a pleasure being a part of the team that brought this challenging work to life.


Finally, Spectropol Records was kind enough to reblog my interview with Brendan Byrnes, so I thought I’d link their blog linking to mine to mine. Three cheers for recursive validation!

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