Gavin Harrison on Technical vs. Musical drumming

Though he’s talking about drumming, Gavin really hits on a key point that always frustrates me when dealing with L.A. instrumentalists. I feel as if people spend way too much time studying how to play, as opposed to what to play. My rehearsal studio is full of players who can execute really difficult lines, but I’d rather they were just executed. It sounds terrible, and what’s worse is they don’t even listen to each other, so it’s a bunch of guys playing too many notes at the same time. They’re fighting rather than cooperating with each other. The sheer waste of talent blows my mind sometimes.

It’s those who think more along the lines of restraint and placement that really stand out, and that’s who I’d want in my band (over a great technical player) any day.

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  • Wow, that’s the best drummer I ever heard. Thanks for posting it Paul! Gavin is the guy who had a tremendous influence on my playing drums. Very inspiring.

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