Grad School, IWD, DJ Cuts, Bach Cannons

After several years of finding oneself, one manages to get bored with that whole “self” thing and looking into other avenues. I’ve used the project I’ve been slaving away at for over a year now, as well as a lot of older music/videos, to get into the Performer/Composer MFA program at CalArts. Wow, that was a lot of forward/slashes.

It’s a very exciting opportunity and one that will only mean more possibilities, more connections, and more music. This blog will also finally get the TLC it needs. Speaking of, stay tuned for an entry about phrasing. There will be DJ cuts and Bach cannons invoked, I’m sure of it. That’s right, cannons, with two Ns, as in we’re gonna need some gunpowder and a lot of harpsichords.

And in honor of out-dated empowerment days whose anniversaries are still Guy-Fawkesian relevant:

Have a great day, grrl.

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