Haisuinonasa – Dynamics of the Subway

Japanese math rockers Haisuinonasa have finally released their first full album titled Animal Body, as well as a music video that explodes at about a minute in and doesn’t let go.

While math rock is often driven by guitarists who got too technically good to, well, sound good any more, switching to this style of “piano breakcore” brings back a refreshing softness to the overly busy cliché of the genre. The vocals are humanizing and the lulls are grounding.

Bandleader Onishi Keita was born in Kamakura in 1980. He’s a visual artist, and received his MFA from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2006. He is the mastermind behind the music, visuals, and stage presence of Haisuinonasa. Purchase at Zankyo Records, listen to this and other albums on Soundcloud and Spotify.

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