Discovery of the Week: Haywyre

Martin Vogt is a relatively new electronic producer releasing titles under the alias Haywyre. He was raised a pianist, lived overseas for a while, and has been recording, sequencing, and mastering his own tracks out of Wisconsin since 2008.

While I find much of his older music suffers from the Fruity Loops Phenomenon, otherwise known as your samples sound bad and you should feel bad, each successive album sounds more refined, higher quality, and more experimental while simultaneously locking down a cohesive sound. You’ll hear quite a bit of dubstep influence in the later stuff of course, but you’ll also hear some Middle Eastern sounds and guitar recorded by the pianist himself.

At his website he’s made many of his past albums available for whatever you’re willing to pay (including free) as well as providing a donation button. Below is a single released on his Soundcloud that I particularly enjoy.

Finally, what originally turned me on to Haywyre is the following track, a mere preview from his upcoming Adapted Records release that nevertheless blew me away. I can’t wait for more from Martin… expect big things!

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