Holograms Are People Too

In a move one can only describe as exceedingly Japanese, Crypton Future Media has developed a fully virtual pop idol named Hatsune Miku.

Using Yamaha’s new Vocaloid software combined with (frankly astounding) hologram technology, they’ve outdone the Gorillaz by eliminating even the need for a human voice. Her shows have all been sold out.

I’m curious as to how expensive this sort of performance is, but Yamaha is almost certainly footing the bill, as this is a pretty solid advertisement for their software. Is the overwhelming interest she’s drawing merely spectacle, or a taste of things to come in pop music? I feel as if there are some crazy possibilities here, especially for something like a children’s show, but I have to admit I got tired of watching anime dance around slightly creepily to J-pop after about a minute or so. That said, hey, the future! The future is neat. Here’s the video.

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