King of Limbs – Live From the Basement

Radiohead is so good, you guys. I know that’s no longer an unpopular statement, which ironically makes it an unpopular statement, but I feel it needs to be repeated that not all bands become awful after they get extremely successful.

The Live From the Basement series (2-part serieses count, right?) are incredible translations of electroacoustic music into a live setting. Since that’s where almost all live acts fall short these days, I feel Radiohead is steadfastly guiding music through a rough patch, where the audience craves a production value very difficult to achieve in a live setting. Add that with the frankly creepy amount of accumulated talent from each of the band’s musicians (especially a good amount of innovation on the part of Jonny and Phil), and you get what continues to be one of my favorite bands on earth, ever since I ran across the music video for Street Spirit a million years ago.

Okay, gushing mode off. Here’s the full hour video.

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