Love & Photons

Since you asked, what inspires me is the usual: hardship, dreams, girls… Mostly girls, though.

I don’t think it’s possible for the female persuasion to understand just how much I owe them as a musician. They do it just by being awesome and by talking to me and helping me to understand how their brains work, which is way more interesting than how mine does.

In nature, there is always a starting point at the very smallest magnitude. There is no edge of the universe, but there is an exact center. You can move in positive or negative numbers approaching infinity, but you start at zero. The only true roof we’ve got is the speed of light, which is really fast and leaves us with quite a bit of leg room, honestly.

Now, light is made up of photons, which are poetic. They are probably the fundamental building blocks of the universe, but get this: They’re both a particle and a wave. At the same time. Imagine you are a two dimensional figure on a sheet of paper on a coffee table, and someone is holding a coffee cup above you. When it is right above you, it looks like a circle. When they are pouring it off to the side, it looks like a rectangle. “My God!” you cry in 2D, “That shape is both a circle and a rectangle!” That is how we see the photon. (We may discuss 2D God in a later article.)

Also in nature, the basic motivation that drives all life, “Survive!” (thank you L. Ron “Coconuts” Hubbard), which means you gotta procreate. To be human is to be aware, so we have to find a reason to do so, which is love.

Now, there are many differences between men and women and people in general, but when you get down to it the starting point for human existence is love and sex at the same time. I have run this by several female friends of mine and they generally agree: While each gender understands both if they think about it, men see the rectangle and women see the circle, if you know what I mean. One sees the particle photon, one sees the wave, but both are searching for a what makes light happen.

I love sex, and I sex love, and I owe it to the women in my life who have helped me understand what love is throughout the years. At that tiny quantum of struggle between the wave and the particle, that’s where my music happens, and I just wanted to thank the women in my life for being beautiful like that.

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