Making the Future

Onyx Ashanti, the inventor and musician who is pioneering a sound he calls beatjazz, recently did a TEDTalk, one of the ones more aptly titled a TEDDon’tTalkJustPlay. He’s got what appears to be an airflow gauge coming out of his mouth, an iPhone strapped to his arm giving him parameter readouts, and a MIDI controller in each hand with some triggers, accelerometers, and other space gizmo goodies that allow him to loop and process live. It’s a pretty engaging form of advanced DJing, and definitely worth a watch/listen.

On a different note, The Glitch Mob have announced that their new album will drop July 12, and have released their first single, called Warrior Concerto. You can listen below, and enter a related contest here, which you totally should!

The Glitch Mob – Warrior Concerto by Hypetrak

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