Monday Megapost

First off, I am releasing four older tracks from the Jawshack days on a new EP simply titled the Only In Dreams EP! The whole darn thing’s available for a free download! I’d appreciate it if you gave it a listen and left some comments!


Sadly, accomplished keyboardist Shimrit Shoshan has passed away over the weekend of cardiac arrest. A self-taught jazz pianist, she loved incorporating synthesizers with traditional piano and organ into contemporary jazz. She will be sorely missed.


In an epic testament to the power of music, video artist David Michalek has created an ultra-slow-motion video of actor Alan Rickman preparing a cup of tea set to Mind Heist from Zimmer’s Inception score. It helps that Rickman can make pretty much anything achingly intense. View it in real time for comparison. It’s just like that zen koan about the tea maker and the duel.


I am an absolute sucker for Lights, a shining example of pop music integrating the actual modern electronic palette alongside emotive vocals to generate a palatable yet challenging sound. She’s charismatic and unapologetic, and her music is forward thinking in terms of where pop could go if those jerks would just update their damn synths. Below is her recent just-plain-cool video for Banner, and although unaccompanied by a neat video you should also check out Flux and Flow, one of my favorite Lights bangers.


PremierGuitar gives us a pretty outstanding tour of progressive guitarist Steve Vai’s personal studio conducted by the man himself. G3: Live in Concert was the first modern guitar album I ever liked, and this studio tour is a vintage gearhead’s wet dream.


Finally, because I am a whore with no scruples, I will pretend to have enjoyed Kudara’s debut single Juliet & Romeo in Tokyo mainly because I’m flattered to have been asked by Havavision Records out of London to plug it. Hey everyone, go check out Kudara’s debut single Juliet & Romeo in Tokyo, produced with Dreadlox Holmes! Comes in various languages and levels of camp! If you’ll notice, the lead singer is an attractive female, although I’m sure this has nothing to do with anything. Still, good on ya’s for being all indie about it. Although the music isn’t my cup of tea, I figure the novelty won’t be lost on some.

If you’ve got something you want me to shamelessly plug I probably will! Who knows, I might not even do so ironically.

Right. On that note, erm, here’s every Infected Mushroom album streaming online for free. Ah, that’s better.

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