My music at REDCAT

My music will be featured in Stephanie Nugent’s piece “Yes is Not Passive” being performed at REDCAT in downtown LA. The event is the annual CalArts Winter Dance and it is a huge honor to be a part of it. Here’s the bio I wrote for the program:

‎”After obtaining his undergraduate degree at FSU in music composition and vocal performance, Paul Matthis moved out west to muck about for seven years before finally applying to the MFA program at CalArts for the exact same thing. He’s scored films, commercials, and TV pilots, sound engineered everyone from the Sex Pistols to Totally Radd!!, sang in seven awful bands and one good one, and has composed brilliant pieces for contemporary dance performed in Florida, New York, and now Southern California. Paul enjoys long walks on the beach, the Oxford comma, and writing bios in the third person.”

Dates are 16 and 17 of December. It’s a good feeling.

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