My Vocal Etc. Demo for 2011, Good News

Since my main soundcloud is now pretty much full, I started up a second account exclusively for showcasing my vocal antics, and to a lesser extent songwriting and production. I’ve already gotten a few requests for collaborations, one contracting offer, and I jammed with a band named Coma Station just yesterday.

I’ll be leaving for Mexico for a much needed scuba diving vacation tomorrow, so I’ll just go ahead and tell everyone: My rock musical has been picked up by a director! His name is JC Gafford, and the proof is here! Mine’s the one on the bottom. Lunatic Sun. Tell your friends.

This is super exciting because he’s actually in a blues band, so he’s got the ear for it. He’s won awards and helps kids and seems to be just an all around super nice and talented guy! So, hooray! Okay, on to the demo.

Paul Matthis – Demo 2011 by Paul Matthis

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  • Congrats, Paul! That is great news as is the vacation. I hope you have enjoyed Mexico and that you’ll be sharing more of your travel photography soon.

    P.S. Reuben’s Tube = phenomenal. So was the guy’s hair…

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