Irwin’s Conspiracy

Just caught a great show last night at Air Conditioned Supper Club in Venice. Lots of innovative live electronic acts put together by Irwin. First Wednesday’s at 9!

Bonus tracks!

Mama’s Rockin’ Chair – Produced by Bryan “Rock God” Titus!

Landslide – Produced by the incomparable Billy Van Rooy of Download.

Self Control – Here’s a track I used to perform all over Silverlake! I nailed some Boss Gigadelays to a plank of wood next to a Whammy and OD pedal and looped live! Good times.

Who’s Watching Kush? – Made for Kush Boys Studios! I also drew storyboards on a couple projects for them. These guys are awesome.

New Site is GO

New site, new look, new possibilities. Thanks to WordPress, WOO Themes, and most of all for all the awesomeness.

You can now subscribe to site updates, the blog, or the portfolio, AND comment on entries. Head over to the demo page and check out the tracks, soon there’ll be a lot more music, video, and super pretty artwork to ogle as well.

Okay you can’t really ogle music, unless you can ogle with your ears. Ear-oglers unite.

Stick around! Much, much more on the way.