Revival official video release by Beats Antique

I love Beats Antique. In this newly released video featuring incredible illustrations by Leighton Kelly, they take us on a little journey to find The Dance, which (thankfully) is not dead, as the short intro’s tongue-in-cheek villain would have us believe. It gets off to a bit of a slow start, soon takes off with a pretty fabulous costume change (blink and you’ll miss it), and then really hits home when the sleeping beauty is brought to life by a steampunk heart and a dude with a horse’s head.

The overall tone fits perfectly with the Beats Antique vibe. The illustrations draw inspiration from religion/mythology from around the world, just as the music evokes international folk modalities. The decor of the little cottage is reminiscent of your favorite crazy taxidermist ex-hippy uncle who refuses to make the transition from snailmail to internet. The music itself is a gorgeous mix of metallophones (think mbira music box), glitch clicks, and a refreshingly current bassline. And don’t forget the gypsy accordion. Who can blame a sexy shadow puppet for cutting up a rug or two?

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  • Blown Away!!!! This is brilliant… Thank you again for keeping the Dance ALIVE!!!!

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