RZA – Chamber Music Part 2 Legendary Weapons

I don’t know about you, but this blogger has a pretty unhealthy obsession with a few things. A list:

1. Kung Fu movies. Some people dig Spaghetti Westerns, some dig zombies, but for whatever reason I will never get enough cheesy kung fu. Samurai flicks, too, the Japanese version of kung fu. It’s a problem, but where’s my hotline?

2. Gangsta rap with surprisingly pretty beats. Notorious examples include Aesop Rock, DJ Shadow, and, of course…

3. All of the above, otherwise known as RZA. I once went to a screening of the 36th Chamber of Shaolin sponsored by him and was greatly impressed by his taste, intelligence, charisma, and humility.

Speaking of which, his Chamber Music Part 2 Legendary Weapons is coming out soon, and he happened to release a track on Soundcloud today! Coincidence? Not at all, actually. Here’s the track.

Evil Deeds by RZAWU

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  • This one surprises me… I liked it first listen. I’m not sure I would pursue buying it since I rarely spend on music anyway but I already passed it along to someone.

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