Signal Path – Some Take Flight

The ultracool Coloradan trio Signal Path released a free EP on the first day of every season in 2011. This is is their winter album, “Some Take Flight”, and it is available for download via the player below.

The other free downloads from this series can be found here:

Souls Unswayed
Minds Make Lights
The Prosaic Fades

Though essentially the new kind of glitch hop that has drops, the overall sound is surprisingly, deliciously, secretly acoustic at its core, and that’s what makes Signal Path stand out. Hooray free music!

“Born in the mountain enclave of Missoula, MT, Denver based Signal Path bends musical genres and deep melodic ideas around a core of unrelenting rhythm and massive low-end. They create a depth and intricacy of sound that become more commanding every time it’s heard, and by blending live instrumentation into their production they create a live experience that is as beautiful as it is intense.”

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