Squarepusher, LaTlateh

I am back from a whirlwind roadtrip to San Francisco to see Squarepusher play at the Regency. It was quite an experience which I will elaborate upon later, when I’m not so tired. Also upcoming is the new JI/microtonal concept album Micropangea in some fashion or form. I will leave you for the weekend with this article and lyrics of Syrian hip hop act LaTlateh, from my mom’s native Damascus. There is a one-minute audio clip on the BBC’s site, and below is the player from their ReverbNation.

“I don’t like the music, but I like the words. I am Syrian. I feel the words. The lyrics really express my feelings. We aren’t dancing because we are listening to the lyrics.” From the above linked BBC article.

If you are looking for music completely devoid of materialistic motivations, this type of revolution music is the answer. It’s pure, heartfelt, and beautiful.

Buried at Home
Buried at home, like a statue in a wall

I stretched out my hand waiting for sustenance and pleasure

I’ve become like a bird chained to the wall

Tomorrow when I travel and the homeland grows old, the new generation, the extinct generation, will understand that we really had no choice

I have a desire to walk naturally along my road

My name has become that of the free who remains incarcerated

The Port of Homs
Its ironic, the regime got stuck in a street called Syria

The atmosphere of the city is one of incurable faces

The sky is squeezed, but there will be no revolutionary rain without stones

We’ve started to bury the cities and soon Qatar’s turn will come

And we’ve eaten so much death just so that you can stand on your feet again on Homs

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