Come see my band Madapple play our debut show in Hollywood!

I am very excited to announce my amazing new band Madapple will be performing TWO SETS for our inaugural performance at the super cool Sassafras Salloon in Hollywood! The show is FREE and goes from 9-midnight, and it’s in the part of Hollywood where parking isn’t completely impossible. Hope to see you there!

Expect more updates about Madapple as we build up to a tour some time this summer. And hey, consider adding us on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks, hope to see y’all there!

Joomanji’s new album free for 48 hours

In a soundscape overwhelmed by inhuman beats and 200late electro-wobbles, groove collective Joomanji follows up their 2012 self-titled debut with Manj, taking us even deeper into what’s possible when good production meets virtuosic jams from across the cultural divide. With its core of instrumentalists, including producer/wizard Jonah Christian and drum prodigy Amir Oosman, Joomanji brings with it a small army of talented friends, each with their own individual flavor.

This collaborative mentality, the fearlessness of appropriation from any musical tradition, never shying away from getting further outside than expected, and the electronic samples and textures are what make the overall soundscape of this release so relevant in the current hip hop/jazz scene. This crossover genre needs to happen more, and California seems like the perfect breeding ground, spearheaded of course by the likes of Joomanji.

Check out Jamal Moore’s deep flute freakouts between Arielle Deem‘s vox on earworm Around the World, or Nick Bianchini’s beautiful trumpet textures sprinkled throughout. Not to mention soon-to-be-world-renown entertainer Austin Antoine rapping, often freestyle, in his default blow-your-mind state. You’d never expect it all to come together, because you probably haven’t heard it work before. But Joomanji pulls it off, and that’s why this is one band to keep an eye on in the weeks, months, and years to come.

Listen for free below, or name your price and download from their bandcamp for the next 48 hours. This blog does not take responsibility for any excessive head bobbing injuries sustained while listening to Joomanji.

Discovery of the Week: Haywyre

Martin Vogt is a relatively new electronic producer releasing titles under the alias Haywyre. He was raised a pianist, lived overseas for a while, and has been recording, sequencing, and mastering his own tracks out of Wisconsin since 2008.

While I find much of his older music suffers from the Fruity Loops Phenomenon, otherwise known as your samples sound bad and you should feel bad, each successive album sounds more refined, higher quality, and more experimental while simultaneously locking down a cohesive sound. You’ll hear quite a bit of dubstep influence in the later stuff of course, but you’ll also hear some Middle Eastern sounds and guitar recorded by the pianist himself.

At his website he’s made many of his past albums available for whatever you’re willing to pay (including free) as well as providing a donation button. Below is a single released on his Soundcloud that I particularly enjoy.

Finally, what originally turned me on to Haywyre is the following track, a mere preview from his upcoming Adapted Records release that nevertheless blew me away. I can’t wait for more from Martin… expect big things!

Parov’s Stelar New Album

We warned, ye weary travelers, for Austrian electroswing pioneer(s) Parov Stelar, one of the best live acts in the business, has made their brand new album The Princess available for free download. The way is rough and beset by many perils: longer wait times, slow downloads, fake DL links, and FacePorn popups. But if ye stay the course ye’ll surely come by some of the coolest dance music out there. And while there are a few duds mainly with lyrics to blame (“With You” for example), the album is mostly a delight. Here’s the first track from the second CD.

ISO50 presents Dry Waves

Download ISO50’s anti-genre compilation Dry Waves for free. I’m listening through right now and can’t recommend it enough. It’s electronic, anti-genre (folktronic glitch hop maybe?). It certainly features some of my favorites, including the wonderfully chill Mux Mool.

Signal Path – Some Take Flight

The ultracool Coloradan trio Signal Path released a free EP on the first day of every season in 2011. This is is their winter album, “Some Take Flight”, and it is available for download via the player below.

The other free downloads from this series can be found here:

Souls Unswayed
Minds Make Lights
The Prosaic Fades

Though essentially the new kind of glitch hop that has drops, the overall sound is surprisingly, deliciously, secretly acoustic at its core, and that’s what makes Signal Path stand out. Hooray free music!

“Born in the mountain enclave of Missoula, MT, Denver based Signal Path bends musical genres and deep melodic ideas around a core of unrelenting rhythm and massive low-end. They create a depth and intricacy of sound that become more commanding every time it’s heard, and by blending live instrumentation into their production they create a live experience that is as beautiful as it is intense.”

From IDMf – tuneboxii Freebies!

Some Tunes by tuneboxii

New excellent tracks from London-based tuneboxii, some of which are available for a free download! I went for a very long period without listening to any straight IDM, and frankly I’m a little surprised at where the genre has gone while I was, um, gone. IDM as I know it came from Warp Records, and thus was a pioneer in the DnB/Jungle sound, which quickly evolved into a lot of awful. But it sounds like the modern uberfiltered, multi-multilayerd bass lines have evolved in this style as well, while maintaining the quirkiness of IDM that gives that extra bit of enjoyment for me.

Check out other IDMf releases here.