Strangely Soothing Songs

As it is Claude Debussy’s birthday, I thought I’d share some music I find soothing, in my own way. What you have to understand, though, is that people are just born with differently wired nervous systems. When they want to wind down or reenergize, different people will go to classical, or coffeehouse, or chill lounge, or even Coldplay. I just happen to be soothed by loud music with a groove. It seems to help if there are metallophones involved. Cut up vocal samples, too. If you notice any particular trend, seriously, let me know. But for whatever reason, these songs all occupy the same musical space in my soul. When I need it, these are examples of what get me and my particularly atypical nervous system when I need them to.

I’ve linked each video with a little description, and at the bottom of this post is an embedded YouTube playlist that will play them in the basically arbitrary order in which I thought of them. So come back to this post whenever you need it, weary traveler. Make a cup of hot tea and rest your feet by fire. Then jam the hell out. Enjoy.

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From IDMf – tuneboxii Freebies!

Some Tunes by tuneboxii

New excellent tracks from London-based tuneboxii, some of which are available for a free download! I went for a very long period without listening to any straight IDM, and frankly I’m a little surprised at where the genre has gone while I was, um, gone. IDM as I know it came from Warp Records, and thus was a pioneer in the DnB/Jungle sound, which quickly evolved into a lot of awful. But it sounds like the modern uberfiltered, multi-multilayerd bass lines have evolved in this style as well, while maintaining the quirkiness of IDM that gives that extra bit of enjoyment for me.

Check out other IDMf releases here.

Vetrix – Drop of Blue

Released on the IDMf netlabel, “Drop of Blue” has a few dangerous moments in which the beat seems to drop into a lazy/cliché, almost RnB-sounding groove, and also they do the delay/stutter break too often. But, mostly, it’s really lovely, gorgeous awesomeness, metallomelodies and out-there drums. The second track, titled “Ab Vertix”, has been playing on repeat in my studio for days.

Discovered through hit-or-miss (but when they hit it’s a doozie) blog Fun With Synthesizers, this melodic IDM album is available as a free download here.