From IDMf – tuneboxii Freebies!

Some Tunes by tuneboxii

New excellent tracks from London-based tuneboxii, some of which are available for a free download! I went for a very long period without listening to any straight IDM, and frankly I’m a little surprised at where the genre has gone while I was, um, gone. IDM as I know it came from Warp Records, and thus was a pioneer in the DnB/Jungle sound, which quickly evolved into a lot of awful. But it sounds like the modern uberfiltered, multi-multilayerd bass lines have evolved in this style as well, while maintaining the quirkiness of IDM that gives that extra bit of enjoyment for me.

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Vetrix – Drop of Blue

Released on the IDMf netlabel, “Drop of Blue” has a few dangerous moments in which the beat seems to drop into a lazy/cliché, almost RnB-sounding groove, and also they do the delay/stutter break too often. But, mostly, it’s really lovely, gorgeous awesomeness, metallomelodies and out-there drums. The second track, titled “Ab Vertix”, has been playing on repeat in my studio for days.

Discovered through hit-or-miss (but when they hit it’s a doozie) blog Fun With Synthesizers, this melodic IDM album is available as a free download here.