Go Embrace Release by Lindsey Lollie

A new video from choreographer Lindsey Lollie and dancer Jordan Saenz with music by me. Every sound you hear is sourced from samples of Lindsey reciting the three title words and manipulated using things like EQ, resonators and about three tons of delay. Enjoy.

Tes Elations – Visceral

Tes Elations has just released the official video for their world music infused track, Visceral. Produced by The Indie Workforce, the video features CalArts dancers under the choreography of Linsdey Lollie, starring bandleader Barrie as the Blue Deity getting ’em all riled up.

Oftentimes people group me into the category of people who only like electronic music, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! What I’m looking for is new timbres, new combinations of sound, and it just so happens that tends to come from the electronic sector. With this track’s incorporation of world percussion, crazy string harmonics, and lush production, I get that satisfaction from a completely acoustic work. The video is brilliantly shot, the music is powerful, and the performances are superb. Watch for their album release July 24th!

Tes Elations – Visceral (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) from the Indie Workforce on Vimeo.


A new dance film edited to my music called “Subtopia”! Shot and edited by Victoria Sendra, choreography by Lindsey Lollie. It’s like Aphex Twin’s “Rubber Johnny”, but with a pretty girl and a pool instead of a misshapen telepathic shapeshifter in a wheelchair.

The story behind this short film is that the filmmaker and dancer were looking for a pool in a cookie cutter residential area to illuminate through art the shallow nature encapsulated by such. While shooting, a very Barbiesque housewife came by, acted rude while smiling, and then called the cops on them. Since this is exactly the type of inanity the film wishes to portray, all dialogue edited in the music comes directly from quotes of the real housewife. And art… is born.

Things from me

So hey, I’m getting my masters at a really good art school, at which I am surrounded by many crazy talented folks. Thus I made this page, so anyone can go to one location and see a few projects I’ve done over the years. It took forever and I’d really like you to mosey over and click around.

I’ll also be posting works I’ve done through the school as I obtain records of them, and do my darndest to remember to post about them on this blog. Below are two collaborations with the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance!

The Next Step is to Go Back, with choreographer/dancer Lindsey Lollie.

The Lamp Piece, with choreographer/dancer Michelle Sagarminaga.