The Evolution of Piracy

The first thing we could download was emails. Then we could do pictures. Then music, then video, and now for $20,000 and falling we can even download physical objects.

With each new tier, the corporate outcry became more pronounced. The backlash from the MPAA and RIAA have been ramping up. But the truth is, internet downloading, regardless of filesize capability, is an excuse. Currency has become devalued, and the traditional copyright laws are no longer justified. Media content is becoming cheaper to produce, the market overly saturated.

We are already able to pirate physical objects. The price of a 3D printer will soon become uninhibitive. What’s next? Will Wal-Mart and Ikea rise up in a sea of lawsuits against the Pirate Bay for distributing their most popular desk online? And what happens, in ten years or 100, when all these stupid old copyright business models go away? When the corporations all go bankrupt because everyone can get their crappy products for free?

It will be awesome, that’s what. And our terrible economy built on discretionary materialism will be toast and the world can get back to focusing on the really important things. Like obscure music blogs.

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