The Flashbulb – Undiscovered Colors

Benn Jordan, aka The Flashbulb (and a host of other monikers) is easily one of the coolest guys in live electronic music right now. Originally a jazz guitarist, he took up the MIDI guitar in the 90s, at first playing alongside insanely glitchy drum n bass tracks, soon transitioning into the melodic, rhythmic genius that he is today.

In addition to all that radness, there’s this (from the wiki):

On the day of release, he personally uploaded copies of the album to music piracy sites including a small HTML file explaining his relaxed views on file sharing and showing listeners where they could give support if they desired. This resulted in attention by mainstream press and the album was soon to be the most downloaded album on many popular file sharing networks.

He’s well known to interact personally with fans both online and at shows, and his Lawn Wake series was quite an influential sound to this young musician.

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