The new Boss RC-505 and my cover of Swimming Pools (Drank) by Kendrick Lamar

The Boss RC-505 Loop Station is my newest purchase, funded in part by my Patreon page, which is amazing. I also have a new SD card! That’s three milestones down because of my Patrons. Woohoo! Thanks!

The RC-505 is my first real looper, as in not a delay pedal like my old also-Boss Giga Delay. It has five channels, each with a mix fader, a stop/start/rec/overdub button, and an edit button which is related to post-FX. There’s another knob for pre-FX and three memory slots for those FX, which is awesome. It has a built in customizable metronome and, best of all, PHANTOM POWER!! This means for the first time in my life I can loop using my nicer, more powerful microphones. Serious game changer, as you can see in the above video I’ve just released!

The ability to stop and start tracks is a huge deal, and really allowed me to delve into Kendrick’s song. It’s much easier now for me to cover full songs, meaning won’t have to pull a Spy Vs. Spy any more like in the BANKS video (as much fun as that was).

Swimming Pools (Drank) is really amazing. It turns the hip hop/club trope of having songs about alcohol on its head. Instead, the song is about the peer pressure to drink when you don’t want to and/or have already had too much. The production on the track is extremely lush, so you can see in the video how much I’m riding the Boss pedal’s reverb levels for different sections of the song. The track almost sounds like it’s underwater. Like in a swimming pool maybe. Do you see what they did there. DO YOU SEE WHAT THEY DID THERE.

Anyway, it’s an awesome track and the second verse is like one of my favorite things ever. Figuring out each one of these songs is always a really fun puzzle, and that’s why I love doing this. Can’t wait to see how my channel progresses now that I’m learning this new gear!

(Although, if they’re not foot pedals any more, what are we going to call them? “Hey, check out this new station I got” just sounds weird, am I right?)

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