Urceus Exit – Compensation for the Sound of Silence (disc 1)

It’s a tough thing, in this ever changing world, to be aware of one’s history while at the same time yearning for something new and different, and I’ve found that the electro sector has had a hell of a time trying to figure out what to do next. They often lean too heavily on either putting more in or taking more out, and it turns me off.

That said, I found Compensation for the Sound of Silence to be an extremely pleasing mix of those two options. In a word, I would describe this music as “undulating”. I got the very vivid impression that I was standing in a dark room, when suddenly the darkness began to shimmer and vibrate in the shape of sine waves, neurons, and, at times, a chorus of pale hands trying to rip me to shreds. I mean this in the best possible way.

Fitting to the album title, Urceus Exit remembers their most important tool in music… namely, silence. While there are few true pauses, almost every track makes sure to remind us that, while driving beats, arpeggiated blips, soundscapes, and baritone vox are here to help us that, eventually, all undulation ceases. Then it drives back in again. It’s a pleasing thing.

The overall sound achieved thankfully avoids the muddiness you sometimes run across in this genre. As a final touch, at key moments I was blown away by some truly compositional harmonic flavors, leaving me with a final impression of Voltaire meets Download. Head on over to urceusexit.com to learn more, purchase, and contact.

And a bonus:

Urceus Exit
by Austin Henry Dobson

And it turn’d to a Sonnet
It began a la mode,
I intended an Ode;
But Rose cross’d the road
In her latest new bonnet;
I intended an Ode;
And it turn’d to a Sonnet.

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