Usman Riaz and Preston Reed on TED

This is yet another example of the internet being completely indispensable to the progression of the arts. You may remember self-taught percussive guitar genius Usman Riaz from his video Fire Fly released last year that rocketed him to stardom. In this new TED talk, it goes like this:

1. Usman plays an excerpt from Fire Fly
2. One of his heroes, Preston Reed, plays his own piece
3. Usman and Preston play one of the latter’s pieces together
4. They then perform an impromptu encore that will blow your socks off.

In the words of Usman Riaz, “This is very surreal.” Watch it here:

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  • Thanks for the info here, Paul– I was looking up for info on what songs each were performing after hearing Preston’s amazing performance. Still looking up Preston’s, but glad to know of Usman’s FIRE FLY.

    Watching the video now and about to hit the encore– and it’s pretty damn impressive. :)

  • Just did a bit of research! Preston’s solo is called Tractor Pull and the one he plays in unison with Usman is Ladies Night. Thanks for commenting!

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