CalArts Portfolio

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ASTEROZOA, selections from my graduation recital piece performed Tuesday, March 19, 2013 in the Roy O. Disney Concert Hall at CalArts. A work for multiple ensembles drawing inspiration from various abstractions of the number five. Video of the full recital and program notes on Vimeo.

PDF score for Arkarua (for string quartet)

PDF score for Asteroidea (for five pianos)

PDF score for Ambulacral Groove (for five ewe drums)

Bell Curve, a manipulated sound piece. All samples are from a recording session in which I dropped water onto the bell of Ryan Bancroft’s trumpet for an hour. This version was created for the acrobatic opera “Flight”, written and produced by Katie Gardner, which was performed in the Sharon Disney Lund Theater in March 2013.

Above It All, with choreographer Cesilie Kverneland. Features snowy ambience, a dubstep-influenced breakdown, and bass so heavy it vibrates the camera lens at 10:05.

Lazybones, a directed improvisation on a theme for string quartet, composed under the tutelage of cellist Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick.

The Next Step is to Go Back, with choreographer/dancer Lindsey Lollie. Originally written for the class Choreographers and Composers under the tutelage of David Rosenboom and Colin Connor, it has been my most recognized composition to date.

Selected for performance at ACDFA!
And at Pasadena Dance Festival (Nice review)

Praise for The Next Step is to Go Back from Simi Valley-based choreographer Beth Megill: “Soloist Lindsey Lollie performed a captivating piece set to spoken word by Paul Matthis. The Next Step is To Go Back was an experiment in the physics of the body that was engaging and at times confounding to watch. Lollie performed her work with remarkable ease and control. Utilizing the most contemporary release techniques with a fluency I really admire. Her opening inversion and subtle head movements set up her physical strength and agility that did not wane throughout the piece.

dance on cameraThe film version of this dance was screened at the REDCAT Film/Video Showcase, at Out of the Box Festival in Dubai, at the Lincoln Center in New York City for the Dance Camera Festival, and at the Getty Museum for Dance Camera West.

The Next Step Is (Trailer) from Victoria Sendra on Vimeo.

Yes is Not Passive, by choreographer Stephanie Nugent. This project was commissioned by the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance at California Institute of the Arts. The sound was done with Robin Cook and music from various artists. It was performed at REDCAT, ARC Pasadena, and was Director’s Pick at Santa Cruz Fringe Festival. It was supported in part by UCLA’s Hot House, a residency program administered through the Department of World Arts and Cultures, the Department of Dance at Loyola Marymount University, and a grant from California Institute of the Arts’ Faculty Development Fund. Nice review, another nice review.

Yes is Not Passive 6 MIN Demo (2011) from Nugent Dance on Vimeo.

Swarm of the Raxion Gruntle Bugs, for prepared, amplified and also not amplified piano, performed by Christoffer Schunk.

PDF score for Swarm of the Raxion Gruntle Bugs

Bits of Mind, with choreographer/dancer Yanina Orellana, who also wrote and recorded much of the sound herself. It was selected for the CalArts Accepted Students Event 2013.

Bits of mind from Yanina Orellana on Vimeo.

Prague, an electronic composition by Christoffer Schunk using samples he recorded of me singing in Just-Intonation.

I Am, with choreographer/dancer Mersiha Mesihovic of CircuitDebris. The music is constructed mostly from recordings of human heartbeats. It was chosen as a emerging choreographer project to be developed at the 8th International Contemporary Dance Festival in Venice Italy, June 2012. It was also selected for NYC10 Dance Initiative (nice review), for the Dance Soirée by Sobers and Godly, the Brooklyn NY Dance Festival organized by Fresh Peach Dance, and at the nonprofit 92Y as part of Roots in Revolution.

The Long Books: John Cage’s Complete ‘Song Books’ at CalArts 2-5-2012 from on Vimeo.

I am currently the only person in history to realize John Cage’s Song Books in their entirety in a single performance. The realization occurred on February 5, 2012 as part of the Long Books, performed at various locations around CalArts for the John Cage Centenary Festival. The event was featured in L.A. Weekly, as well as a short compilation video which features a small part of my performance.

The Lamp Piece, with choreographer/dancer Michelle Sagarminaga. The piece amplifies the electric field of the bodies of the two performers through the conductive circuitry of an antique touch lamp alongside a fixed-media electronic composition. The processing of the signal alters over a set amount of time in the course of the performance.

$4.33, live electroacoustic improvisation with Kameron Christopher and Jon He.

Subtopia, a dance film by Victoria Sendra, choreography by Lindsey Lollie. Based on a true story.